Consequences and Prices

Looks like, of all white Americans living today:
– no one’s ancestors owned slaves;
– no one’s ancestors fought for slavery;
– no one’s ancestors voted for racist politicians or policies;
– no one’s ancestors supported segregation, whether in churches or in the society;
– no one’s ancestors supported Jim Crow;
– no one’s ancestors participated in lynchings;
– no one’s parents or grandparents rioted against de-segregation;
– no one’s parents or grandparents opposed MLK Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement;
– no one’s parents or grandparents ever took advantage of union segregation, red-lining, and other discriminatory policies.

In other words, all white Americans living today are descendants of the tiny minority in the past that opposed the racist majority and was mocked as N—-r-lovers by other whites.

Conclusion: all racists are castrated and barren. Zero progeny whatsoever.

I still wonder, though, what’s that “heritage” everyone is talking about, if that’s not their ancestors who had control of America for 200 years?

Bojidar Marinov

The heirs enjoy the rewards, while shunning the ancestors whose evil deeds got those rewards.

While the sons of the oppressed inherit the loss, without restitution for either their ancestors’ loss nor their own.

Well, let’s first finish freeing the slaves, and releasing the oppressed. Let them stand up freely if they wish, without the system – constructed by whites, for whites – pushing them down.

Protect the future first. Then, if possible, provide for restitution for past wrongs.

True: perfect justice is not possible in this life.

But some justice, some restitution, should be within our reach. Even on this earth!

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