A Hard Truth on Abortion

“I am not the only one saying it, huh.”
Bojidar Marinov
“But Trump is against abortion!”
Bojidar Marinov
(Sarcastically, in case you could not tell.)

Politics fourth.

If Christians put politics first, they can be expected to be used like donkeys by their Right-wing Betters.

Idolatry will be punished: God will see to it.

I love it how Brett Kavanaugh was “innocent until proven guilty” with multiple witnesses against him, but Jacob Blake is a confirmed “child rapist” on the basis of one single complaint by an adult woman (his common-law wife) and no due process to establish his guilt.

Bojidar Marinov

If there is ever going to be One Law, and One Standard of Justice, then it will be Christians who will set the standard.

God expects it.

So, why have we not done it yet?

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