“Poor Design”? Human Versus Biological Invention

According to a common refrain from ID critics, the theory of intelligent design is defeated by observations of “poor design” in our own biology. Smart humans could have done it much better, we are told, so this points to bungling evolution over the work of a purposeful designer outside nature. Does this challenge hold water? 

Well, let’s say you compare the most ingenious technological inventions — from Silicon Valley, for example — with the inventions inscribed in carbon, not silicon, in “simple cells.” On a classic episode of ID the Future, molecular biologist Douglas Axe and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer discussed the question, weighing Silicon Valley against “Carbon Valley.” Guess which one beats the other for inspired design? Download the podcast or listen to it here.

“Poor Design”? Human Versus Biological Invention from Evolution Today

I can tell you now, “smart humans”will do a slip-shod imitation of God’s work, and then redefine the specifications and goals downward, to suit their ego.

“It’s not about truth. It’s about power.”

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