Abusing the Weak… and the Wrath of Their Protector

If you are voting for the same Donald Trump who hosted “beauty pageants” with almost naked 14-year-olds . . . . . . you have no business condemning Netflix.You are part of the problem. And accomplice in the very crime you condemn.So quit your sanctimonious posturing, please.

Bojidar Marinov

It would be infinitely better, if the energy Christians spend supporting Donald Trump was instead spent in ending sex trafficking of women and minors in their own towns, counties and neighbourhoods.

As I listen to Human Trafficking: Advancing Justice through Regeneration and Reconstruction – some ugly stuff here, but it must be faced and defeated – I am saddened by the complicity of not only pastors and churchmen in one of America’s most Conservative-Christian regions, but also police, FBI, and CIA corruption – even Child Protection Services are getting in on the “profitable business”!

God’s wrath builds.

Who shall repent?

Who shall escape?

I just read that the LA Sheriff wanted celebrities to donate money to catch the killer of those cops. I say that cops have stolen enough money from Americans: $6-8 billion in asset forfeiture for last year only. They can use that money. Thieves don’t deserve donations.

Bojidar Marinov

Small evils like theft grow into big evils like massive, sustained, legalized theft.

And then branches out to even more sick evils.

And the wrath of God just builds.

And increasingly breaks out, against liberals and conservatives alike, progressives and reactionaries.

And there is no repentance.

And even more Divine wrath and punishment builds, to break upon – perhaps to break open! – our heads.

We need to repent, and renounce our evil, while there is still time.

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