Rocks Don’t Care if They Break

From Uncommon Descent’s Why do cells care if they break when rocks don’t?

—<Quote begins>—

A look at the intricacies of cell proofreading and repair reveals a stark fact:

Rocks don’t care if they break. The very concepts of proofreading and repair imply accuracy for a purpose. In cells, complex multi-part machines find errors and fix them. Is this not evidence of intentionality and programming? As these new research papers show, the machines involved show exquisite craftsmanship and efficient action to keep other parts — machines outside their own structural needs — humming along.

How can they do that? How do they know? They bear an uncanny resemblance to surgeons or linemen that are trained as first responders to potentially catastrophic situations, and yet they work robotically in the dark without eyes or brains. Such things do not just appear by blind material processes. Proofreading and repair systems had to be operational from the beginning of life, because considering the lethal consequences without them, it’s hard to conceive of any primitive organism surviving, let alone progressing up an evolutionary ladder. Now, behold in wonder what is going on in our cells. Evolution News,

In Cells, Proofreading and Repair Testify to Intelligent Design and Foresight” at Evolution News and Science Today

How does life come to want to keep on existing—whether it succeeds or not? If a drive to survive is “programmed” into life, how did that come to be? Most of nature has no such drive.

—<Quote ends>—

But of course, only superstitious, mystically-driven Christian morons would ask those kind of questions.

I’m with those guys, who ask the kind of questions the Consensus has ruled out of order. What else can I say?

I’m interested in the Power of the Truth.

And not the Power of the Consensus.

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