“While the word sacrilege has been left out of the modern vocabulary, the idea still remains, in a statist version. The more humanistic the modern state, the more clearly it presents itself as man’s lord and savior, and the more serious it regards any crime against itself. Crimes against God are no longer seen as crimes by most modern states; crimes against person’s have almost ceased to be capital offenses, although God’s Word requires capital punishment; crimes against the state, however, have become progressively more important in the eyes of the law and often require death.”R.J. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, p. 41.

This explains why modern church-goers and “conservatives” can justify thousands of brutal murders, rapes, robberies committed by cops, but make even the slightest offense against police deserving of immediate execution on the street, without a trial. Because they have become practical pagans, the state is their real god, and therefore only crimes against government agents are real crimes. Crimes committed by the state are not considered crimes. It’s a religious devotion to the state as God that defines both American evangelicalism and so-called “conservatism.”

Bojidar Marinov

Driven by fear on the one hand, and an utter refusal to accept their own responsibility on the other, Conservative Americans invite their rulers to keep “them people” down.

And by oppressing them, conservatives lay the groundwork for their own oppression. Just as Samuel warned in I Samuel 8, their religion is not rooted in righteousness nor justice, but might and power.

Sacrilege, indeed! Stealing the fear that God deserves, and giving it to the Authorities, be they politicians, the military, the police, or someone else with a badge and a gun.

God demands an end to this sacrilege, and end it will. Whether the Conservatives openly abandon Christ, or there is a crippling punishment for their idolatry.

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