Victorian Vicars and Scientific American

I was a devoted SciAm fan growing up. I collected other people’s old copies and had a collection going back to the 60’s. Then SciAm was bought out by some big publishing firm. And my favorite column, the Amateur Scientist by Forrest M. Mims III , was cancelled because Mims was a Christian. I think it was his uncle that taught me physics in high school. Given the dedication in his book, I think Jonathan Bartlett knows the story best, but for me, the magazine was forever corrupted.

Just like Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State, the game is up when Christians get cancelled, because we’ve set a precedent. It is worse than that, because I exaggerate only a little to say that science itself was an invention of Victorian vicars, so sawing off the branch you are sitting on has very predictable consequences.

Rob Sheldon on Scientific American’s foray into politics, backing Joe Biden from Uncommon Descent

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