To Hate The Law is to Hate the Sheep

Question: Does our Christian Leadership despise their followers the way our Public Cultural Leaders despise the drones clinging to their guns and religion?

Answer: Sure, they loathe their followers. After all, the sheep are not nice an sparkling and cute like in the hymns. Real shepherds work with dirty, stubborn, stupid, herd-minded sheep: it’s why the Egyptians hated the filthy profession.

Question: And why God loves it.

Answer: Moses and David were actual shepherds.Jesus and Paul had to work with men instead. And it’s hard to build sheep up, to get them to grow up and grow into responsible, self-governing leaders in their own right, able to digest and master and obey the Word.

It’s far easier just to drill the morons to Obey the Leader in all things… the way certified, state-adoring secularists do. “No matter what irrational, unreal lawless nonsense the Consensus comes to, we believe!

Question: Easier for the Leader. More costly, long-term, for the sheep.

Answer: Who cares about the sheep? Do you think they care about the long-term? Apart from God, cut off from the Law that protects and guides them? They are fit only for fleecing and slaughter.

Question: God cares about His sheep, His flock.

Answer: Then I ask that He do something about it. For you can be certain, the vast majority of church-appointed shepherds will do nothing that risks their own safety and position. Just has they have done nothing for the last century or two, while the enemies of God have set their dominance over the ex-Christian West in concrete.

And the State shepherds are only ever interested in their new wool clothing and fresh lamb dishes that are being cooked up right now.

If God loves His sheep, then He will dispose of the worthless shepherds.

Question: If you ask God to act, then He will act. But perhaps not in a manner of your liking. After all, in many cases the laity prefers worthless shepherds, who don’t challenge them or pound on the Commandments or the terror of hell or the need to excel overmuch. Comfort and sweet words are far more pleasing to the masses, than the need to repent and the command to fight for His Kingdom.

Answer: Then let His Name be exalted by the might of His own right hand, and without the slightest regard to the opinion of His enemies, in or out of the church. For no public leader will raise a finger to support Him, or uphold His authority in today’s world, according to His ethics and His laws.

Not in the Church, not in the State.

If anyone will stand with Him, it will be some minority of the laity. And they have to do the labour God assigns to them. Without any assistance With the open hostility of the clerisy, secular and sacred alike.

Question: If His people repent, welcome the Holy Spirit, and hew close to the Commandments, they will win.

Answer: True. If they decide to expand His Kingdom in the here and now, they can do it. Perhaps not quickly, and certainly not easily. But in the end, yes.

Angelo Codevilla, on the intensely sheep-hating shepherds that make up America’s Ruling Class.

(Hat tip: Gary North, The Ruling Class vs. Trump.)

(Hat tip: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, by W. Phillip Keller)

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