A Good Traveller… and His Whiskey

Quora: Who is the most badass person in history that no one knows about?

As everything was going to shit, Charles Joughin was remarkably calm.

When the RMS Titanic hit on iceberg on April 14, 1912, even the ship’s staff was in a state of panic. No one stepped up to the plate to take charge. In fact, most of the staff were running around just as frantically as the passengers.

So, our boy Charles stepped in.

Charles was head baker and fittingly, his first order of business was sending loaves of bread to the lifeboats so people would have food to last until they were rescued.

He continued by helping others onto their boats until he reached his own. Only instead of hopping on, he forced a group of women and children on, saving their lives.

The icy water filled the ship quickly and Charles was fully aware that his chance of survival was slim at best, so he did what any person would do: get drunk out of their mind.

He went to his cabin and got as much whiskey as he could. On his way, he threw chairs into the ocean for people to use as flotation devices.

And then he jumped off the boat, into freezing water.

He spent hours in the unforgiving Atlantic ocean.

Most died in minutes.

The alcohol coursing through his body fought off the cold and kept him alive.

“I was just paddling and treading water,” he said.

As dawn broke, he found a lifeboat and swam towards it, only to find that there was no space for him.

Luckily, another nearby ship had room and he managed to climb on. They were rescued soon after and there was no illness or injury to even prove he’d been in the water.

Charles would go on to join the Navy and died at 78, living a full life thanks to some whiskey.

OK, I admit, I admire the man: “he knows when to work, and knows when to drink.”

Side note: Apparently, in a car accident it is usually the drunk driver that walks away.

It shouldn’t be the alcohol content that should be punished: that just encourages drunk drivers to drive quickly, increasingly the likelihood of someone getting hurt or killed. It should be the speed he’s driving that needs to be kept low, not the alcoholic content in his blood: no need to race, just slowly roll along.

Moralizers should look at the goal they want to reach, rather than prance about “punishing wickedness” while puffing out their pigeon chests.

(Glares at Nancy Reagan, et al.)

(Continued at the sci-fi blog.)

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