Piety and Truth

From the Financial Times, title and subtitle.

Pandemic politics: the rebound of Latin America’s populists

…wait for it…

The presidents of Brazil and Mexico have benefited from emphasising the economy ahead of health

There’s that strictly secular pious posing I was waiting for!

Nevermind that the state is not our provider nor our healer: “What is that thing? God?”

It exists merely to support public justice and suppress public evil.

As opposed to some fraudulent Mighty Idol we must look up to for our salvation/healing and our daily bread.

To continue:

As Brazil’s cemeteries filled with coronavirus victims and the South American nation’s death toll surged to the second highest in the world,

Total death as of Sept 23, 2020 – 138,108. To compare Brazil’s murder count in 2019 was ~51,000, and deaths by coronary heart disease was 171,979 in 2018.

Frothing panic much?

From the outset, Mr Bolsonaro had gambled his reputation on playing down the risks from the virus and encouraging life to carry on as normal. He dismissed Covid-19 as a “little flu” and told Brazilians to “face it like a man, dammit”.

We’ll be waiting a long, long time, waiting for Our Betters to use such divisive language. (In contrast to the usual vulgarities that Our Cultural Superiors prefer.)

Peru was praised early in the pandemic for doing everything right. Its lockdown came fast and was enforced by the army and police. Finance minister María Antonieta Alva’s spending package was among the region’s biggest in proportion to the size of the economy and included cash payments to help the poorest.

But the results were disastrous. Peru now has the world’s highest number of coronavirus deaths relative to the size of its population, according to John Hopkins, higher even than Brazil. Its economy, crippled by the strict lockdown, collapsed by 30.2 per cent in the second quarter, the worst of any major economy. Almost half the urban population was put out of work.

The Right Sort are mildly disappointed… but obviously, things will be put to right when the incompetent health bureaucracies are punished by expanding their budgets and powers over the Inferiors.


As Latin America’s mostly US-educated technocratic elite struggle to respond to the coronavirus crisis, the more modest backgrounds of the populists have given them a head start in understanding the needs and concerns of the poor.

Mr Bolsonaro’s upbringing in a small, rural town allows him to give the impression that he has some insight into the lives of ordinary people, while Mr López Obrador spent years as a community organiser in some of Mexico’s poorest and most marginalised areas.

Keep an eye on this.

Gary North is correct: The Masters will make certain that nobody like President Trump ever pulls a surprise takeover of a major party ever again.

But I – like North – has always emphasized local politics (county/small town), not the Heart of the Galactic Empire.

And there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

“Politics fourth.”

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