The Nothingness of the Conservative Movement.

The conservative movement has come to nothing over the last 60 years. The number-one reason why it has come to nothing is that it is still committed to the public school system, no matter how bad the system gets. The critics write their articles, but they don’t pull their kids out of the public schools. They bow the knee to the state.


If you’re not in a position to impose negative sanctions on something that’s wrong, stop grousing. Pull your kid out, become responsible for your child’s education, and abandon whatever it is that you think is an outrage. Concentrate your efforts on something important, namely, getting your child educated properly. But conservative critics don’t want to pay this price.

Gary North, Yes, Virginia, Public Schools Are Expensive, Inefficient Indoctrination Mills


You aren’t willing to pay the price for victory?

Expect to lose.

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