Getting Locked Out of the Ruling Class

We have been discussing the rising intolerance for conservative, libertarian, and Republican students and faculty on campuses across the country. Faculties rarely hire conservative or libertarian professors; journals rarely publish studies from conservative authors. As the number of conservative faculty members diminish or disappear on faculties, schools appear to be carrying out the same bias in student admissions. The Harvard Crimson has finished its annual survey of the incoming class of students and found that the already small population of conservative and Republican students has been cut by roughly half.


Note that over 40 percent of this country view Trump favorably and the vast majority view themselves as holding either conservative or moderate views. Gallup polling shows 37 percent of Americans identify as conservative, 35 percent as moderate and 24 percent as liberal. That is 72 percent conservative or moderate. Harvard admitted 7 percent. It is demonstrably absurd to argue that this virtual absence of conservative students is somehow the result of accident and not design.

Harvard Survey: Only Seven Percent Of Incoming Students Identify As Conservative by Jonathan Turley

Frankly, I suspect the reason behind Harvard’s legalized discrimination against Asians is not so much due to race – as many liberal Blacks are admitted as possible – as due to Asian conservatism.

I have already written about the new Jim Crow on this website, as the Progressive Darwinians and the Marxists realize it’s all about non-material confessions and beliefs, and not about material genetics and economic class.

(The New Jim Crow works against both working-class and coloured people who believe in something higher than the State. Surprise, surprise.)

Yes, the actions of the materialists against non-material beliefs is a testimony against their claim that “if you can’t count it, it doesn’t exist!”

No matter. The serpents know who they hate, more than anything else. And they will do whatever they can to attack who they hate, regardless of intellectual incoherence and illogical, self-conflicting claims.

“Whatever works.”

On occasion, it can be worth it to fight the discrimination: for example, when medical schools desire to ban the education of Christian doctors, nurses,and researchers precisely because they are Christians, and so oppose abortion, euthanasia, etc.

Note that “Freedom of Conscience” is simply disdained now, since today’s Ruling Class is interested in forcing Christian schools to accept those who hate Christ, and not in forcing atheistic schools to accept those who love Christ.

I have a suspicion, though: atheistic schools, at their root, don’t really believe in objective reality, but only in whatever gets them more power and money.

Conclusion: It’s worth fighting for the formation of Christian institutions, including medical ones. But, fighting to enter secularistic academic institutions that are intellectually corrupt, root and branch? Not so much.

“Why climb aboard a sinking ship, that God has already damned to irrelevance?”

Conclusion: More cheap, effective on-line education, please. Preferably Christian-based. And preferably based on excellence, not on certification: as Harvard isn’t accredited by anybody.

Conclusion: One Ruling Class of aging geezers fall… and another Ruling Class rises. The NEW Ruling Class had better make sure that they are just servants of Christ the King, or they will be even more swiftly broken than today’s sterile, delusional, intensely corrupt – “but wealthy and politically connected!” – Establishment.


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