The Fake Meritocracy

[Ivy League] Faculty members are using their majority on faculties to exclude potential colleagues with opposing views, the very type of bias once used against not just liberals but minorities seeking entry to faculties. The result is that we are creating a bifurcated educational system where conservatives can only gain entry to top schools by hiding their political views or espousing liberal positions. I was shocked when one of my kids (who is a moderate) was invited for an interview by one of the top colleges in the country. After sitting down, the interviewer proceeded immediately into a diatribe against Trump and to self-identify as a liberal advocate. He felt that the interviewer wanted him to echo those views.

Harvard Survey: Only Seven Percent Of Incoming Students Identify As Conservative
Written by Jonathan Turley

Our Masters pose as deep supporters of a “bias-free meritocracy” where “we judge you by the content of your character, not the colour of your skin”.

As long as you have a Progressive character, you can be sure to be welcomed into the hallowed halls.

If you are conservative, or a believing Christian, or even just non-Progressive, expect to be excluded…

…and then have the Right Sort croon, “those Inferiors just don’t have the intelligence to cut it!”

Non-White Christians — not just Blacks, but Asians too! — have been here before.

As for believing White Christians? “Welcome to the club!”

<Makes room at the table reserved for Them People, far off campus.>

<Makes some more room, for the believing conservative Jews that will be joining us soon.>

My advice

“Good tradesmen and successful businessmen make a lot more money than academic game-players. True for the public schools, true for almost all universities outside of the Ivy League.”


“Once your people have a good financial base, set up your own scholastic centres of excellence. After all, the Progressives Ivy League don’t actually value objective reality, or logic, or truth. They only value political power.

(And when I say “they”, I am definitely including the scientists!”)

Demonstrate that this power-worship doesn’t cut it: and let the morally bankrupt political priesthood will perish with it’s One True God, the State, when it’s financial bankruptcy and incompetence becomes inescapable.”

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