Facts and Faith

Facts and learning do not exist in a vacuum. There is always a context, and what that context is will depend on our religious faith and presuppositions. No fact exists in and of itself. When we ask the question, “What are the facts?,” we are presupposing what the facts are that we seek. Thus the facts of the physical universe differ widely for a humanist, a Christian, and a Hindu. For the humanists, all factuality is a product of chance evolution: all facts are thus ultimately meaningless, and their only reality is a physical one, and an irrational one. For the Christian, all factuality is God-created and the product of His eternal purpose; all facts are thus totally rational, because the mind of God is behind them, and their reality is thus more than physical and natural. For the traditional Hindu, all factuality is really illusion, because nothingness is ultimate; all things are burdened with Karma, and their goal is release from the illusions of this world into final nothingness. What we call facts is determined by our faith.

The Purpose of Learning by R. J. Rushdoony

May I add that humanism is becoming more open about it’s focus on the pragmatic drive to gain political power over others – especially over Christians – regardless of what the “brute facts” may or may not be, at a particular moment in time.

“Truth is subjective. Getting fired from your job is objective.”

Fundamentally, they are comfortable with the idea that the universe is basically meaningless, as a meaningless universe is a universe free of objective justice. In such a universe, justice – like truth – is merely what Powerful Men say it is.

And getting Christians to kneel to that lie was, and is, the fundamental goal of humanism.

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