Whose Behind the Lockdowns?

From Gary North, Hard Times in Lootsville, USA (paywall)

—<Quote begins>—

New York City is just as bad. Seattle is too. Democrat politicians have flattened the curve. There is no vaccine against them. Vitamin D is useless. Vitamin C is too. But they will be re-elected.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” — H. L. Mencken

There is no such thing as a free lockdown.

The law of unintended consequences is still in force.

—<Quote ends>—

And that’s the hard truth.

What if the masses hated being lockdowned and treated like some pack of criminals by their Betters, and demonstrated this with widespread words and actions – even non-violent, but nigh-universal, disobedience to the Will of the Elite?

The political leadership of the West — no matter how contemptuous of the working & lower classes — would change their words and actions, right fast.

But the working and lower classes don’t feel they have a leg to stand on.

They look to their Masters for food, and their Masters generously give.

North understands: if the population is deeply corrupted by the ethic of Free Stuff, they will heel when told to heel, and beg when they are told to beg.

And back their Masters with votes, as well.

Pavlovian dogs, indeed.

From Gary North, The Conspiracy Behind the Lockdowns (no paywall)

—<Quote begins>—

Forget about the lockdowns. Forget about the closed businesses. The lockdowns will be partially lifted. Some small businesses will recover. But the welfare checks will go out, and I estimate that half the population receiving the checks will not go back to work until the checks stop coming.

That’s the key to understanding American politics. The state can buy compliance for as long as it can afford to send out the checks. That is the lesson of lockdowns.

The state doesn’t use the bells. It uses monthly checks. The dogs will respond as trained until the checks stop coming. No more treats => no more rolling over.

—<Quote ends>—

I have a suspicion: the modern equivalent of the Day of the Lord is the Day the Checks Stop Coming.

Not war, not disease, not invasion. Obviously, not oppression.

Just the end of the treats.

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