What The Audience Wants

Quora: Is the movie “Cuties” really as bad as some say it is?

Sam Sprague – Filmmaker (2014–present)

To be honest, the whole conversation reminds me of Game of Thrones:

When this guy used to have a new scene raping, mutilating, and murdering innocent women every week.

When feminists critiqued how these acts were glorified by the unflinching gaze of the camera; and the element of sadistic voyeurism which seemed inherent in it, dudebro fans were quick to respond:

“It’s just historically accurate to show women being abused in this time period! The show obviously isn’t glorifying it.”

The best counter argument I’ve heard is that, if GoT was going for historical accuracy, then John Snow’s teeth should look like this:

Most of the extras should have warts, boils, and smallpox scars. There should be lengthy scenes where characters get dysentery and die shitting their own pants.

Why doesn’t GoT include these scenes? Because no one wants to see rotten teeth and diarrhea. But apparently there is an audience for extended torture/rape/beastiality scenes, even though they serve no real thematic function.

After all, do we really need to watch Ramsay Bolton force a girl to have sex with a dog to know that it’s wrong? The message is so obvious and uncontroversial that the means used to send it seem excessive at best, exploitative at worst. No one actually believes that the GoT writers were trying to make a good faith statement about sexual assault. It was all done for shock value.

Similarly, we don’t need to see a 12 year old’s breasts to prove that it’s wrong to sexualize minors. In fact, a film that does that is itself sexualizing children.

In this dance scene, the camera deliberately recreates the gaze of the pedophile, zooming in on the girls’ crotches and buttocks. Why are these shots in a movie which supposedly asserts that sexualizing children is wrong? The cinematic language of the film is contradicting itself.

I mean just look through these content warnings describing other scenes from the film:

If I found out that one of my male filmmaker colleagues was directing young girls to do this stuff to ‘prove that sexualizing children is bad’ I’d be pretty grossed out. That’s Roman Polanski, Larry Clark, Woody Allen territory.

But since it’s this lady I guess it’s all cool.

So long as Christians insists on running away from the world, we will continue to get selectively-chosen garbage to fill our minds and hearts with.

Instead of something strong and clean and holy, something that will build and strengthen both our intellects and our hearts.

The audience needs someone better to teach them, better shepherds, instead of the NYC/LA/Ivy League tastemasters who have created our current, repulsive universe of entertainment.

God awaits the conquest.

We need to get to work, extending the dominion, the Kingdom, of Christ.

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