Replace Jurors with Scientists!

From At RealClearScience: Replace juries with scientists!

—<Quote begins>—

We are told that “The gold standard of expert-determined scientific evidence should be the new standard in America’s court system”:

A recent poll of Americans conducted by the Center for Truth in Science found that 61% of those surveyed believe juries should not award settlements unless there is consistent scientific evidence to do so. In fact, they believe that juries themselves are not qualified to make statements or decisions about the safety of a product or ingredient.

Rather, respondents believe that court-appointed panels of independent scientific experts are the “gold standard” when it comes to determining settled science amongst contradictory and conflicting claims.

Joseph Annotti, “Juries’ Scientific Guesswork Has No Place in Courts” at RealClearScience

So. In a science world where Scientific American broke with a 175-year tradition to endorse a candidate for U.S. President, we are still supposed to believe in some objective gold standard of science?

Precisely what those people GAVE UP is any claim to be considered objective. Sorry. Scientists can’t just deke in and out of objectivity whenever it suits them. And they’ll sure miss it when it’s gone.

—<Quote ends>—

It’s about time the mask fell off.

That way, we can see the same old, filthy dream of Power Over Others Without Accountability exposed to the sunlight.

For all to see.

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