What is news? Who gets to be heard?

The Right Sort will decide.

Around 2013, a complete estrangement set in. Sid didn’t see his children for years, for the rest of his life in fact. He couldn’t stand it. It drove him to the end of his tether. One of his friends said that, in Sid’s eyes, if he couldn’t be a father to his own children, there was no point in living and he might as well end it in the most dramatic way to draw attention to the injustices he had had suffered and others like him.

So that’s what he did. He staged the most theatrical and appalling event, killing himself in public, to try to capture the attention and the interest of the world…

 … and the world took absolutely no notice.

Father Sid, the forgotten martyr by Neil Lyndon

It is imperative that Christians cut their dependence from the mainstream media: a media that blinds and silences far more than it enlightens or educates.

This article has been republished with permission from The Conservative Woman UK.

Neil Lyndon is the chairman of the Scottish Family Party. More by Neil Lyndon

Just FYI.


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