A Foolish Ban, A Fading Ruling Class

The interesting thing here is not that a Progressive government wants to take away both the guns and the right to self-defense from the citizens: that’s just the way they are.

“We know better.

Obey us.

Stop doing, thinking, living in ways we, your Betters, disapprove.

Or else.”

It isn’t even that they are willing to ignore the law themselves to get what they want: in this case, using an order-in-council to change the law and ban guns, instead of actually making changing the law according to the rules.

As we all know, Progressives don’t really believe in the Rule of Law, Objective Truth, Free Speech, Liberty of Conscience, or any of the rest of that Christian nonsense anyways. Just in taking what they want, because they are Superior to the Inferiors.

That’s what Our Betters have always done, anyways.

No: the interesting thing here is that some Canadians are actually starting to resist and challenge their Ruling Aristocrats.

A strange thing to see.

I don’t actually expect any real change, not before the Canadian version of the Great Default: welfare money, free health care, and complete media submission leads to a lot of obedience.

But all three will fade in time, maybe in less than a decade.

Where that nation goes at that time could be quite educational to Americans.

Worth checking up on, maybe once a year or so.

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