North on Michael J. McVicar’s Christian Reconstruction, and the Pocket College

The Book

Fellow Reconstructionists should download, print out, and read McVicar on Rushdoony: A Review Article.

It’s a great review of the book Christian Reconstruction: R. J. Rushdoony and American Religious Conservatism by Michael J. McVicar. North goes over what McVicar got right, what he got wrong, and what he completely missed out on.

The Pocket College

I should note the brief mention North made of the Pocket College:

Anyone can assess the magnitude of [Rushdoony’s] homiletic achievement. A disciple has collected thousands of his sermons, organized them into topics, and has converted them into searchable web pages. They are on this site: Pocket College. Here is its offer: 19 Subjects, 54 Text Books, 135 Courses, 2,374 Lessons, 10 million words. There is nothing else like this collection of sermons. It is offered free of charge.

I like it, but it’s a lot to read and listen to. Strictly for the hard-core type.

“What kind of hard-core?”

Hard-core Christian Reconstruction pastors & laymen, hard-core scholars, hard-core students of God’s Law, and hard-core historians.

It takes time to master this. But it’s a better use of your time than going to most (all?) seminaries.

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