Scientists, and the Appeal to Authority

On the blame-shifting fiasco at the Journal of Theoretical Biology:

Surely you can’t rise to sufficient prominence in your scientific field while being so inept that the three of you, Dr. Kirschner, Dr. Chaplain, and Dr. Sasaki, could read a paper, approve it, and not realize what it was about. Or that the three of you could jointly publish a paper none of you had read. Sorry. No way.

That leaves us with possibility (b). The co-Chief Editors jointly understood that ID was under discussion in their journal, and they thought that was suitable. So what happened, then? I’m no mind reader, but the only explanation I can think of is that when word of the paper got out and Darwinists ganged up on them, the editors backed down. I can understand that. That’s what a lot of people would do when the bullies and censors come after you. They had their reputations, their careers and livelihoods, at stake. They folded. It’s only human.

What’s reprehensible is turning the authors into the fall guys: blaming the whole thing on them, though they did nothing wrong. On the contrary, they wrote an article interesting and rigorous enough that, as John West points out, whatever anti-ID prejudices the editors had were overcome.

Talk about a disturbing look inside the sausage factory. The disclaimer may not have been the editors’ own choice. Perhaps they were compelled by the publisher, Elsevier. It doesn’t matter. As Retraction Watch notes, hanging a disclaimer or retraction on technicalities is standard operating procedure for science journals. I can’t speak to such cases in general, but in this case — one of blaming the innocent when what you are really seeking to do is save your own skin — it is wrong, it is corrupt, and it is cowardly.

Whatever the strength of the article’s argument for intelligent design — and readers should judge that for themselves — the episode says as much about the corruption of professional science, how fear and dishonesty reign there. It’s how the “consensus” is maintained. For those who are always lecturing us about “Follow the science” and “Believe the scientists,” this episode should be an eye opener.

Corruption Watch: Biology Journal Blames the Innocent, Turns ID Scientists into Fall Guys by David Klinghoffer

The White Smock priests are as bad as the Black Cassock priests.

But, the new priests will rapidly fade into the woodwork, once the grant money and the funding and the cushy positions vanish with the government money.

And the old priests will never get back the authority and power they once had. They are just servants of the various religious institutions, and everyone knows it.

Protestants also know that ALL believers are priests (and kings!), with a direct connection with God in Jesus’ Name. Which makes the priesthood of Christ useless for those who seek power over others, or exalt themselves over others.

“Who cares about that priesthood?”

God does.

And that’s where the priesthood of all believers draws its authority from. Not by gaining control over other men.

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