Dismantled Evolution

Realize that the most significant evolutionary events all allegedly occurred in the unobservable, unrepeatable and testable, and therefore unverifiable past. Almost the entire evolutionary theory – including the Big Bang – is outside the realm of observational science.

Realize that the most significant evolutionary events all allegedly occurred in the unobservable, unrepeatable and testable, and therefore unverifiable past. All of the aforementioned events – and many more not mentioned – are unnameable to the scientific process.

Dismantled Evolution

Someone had to say it.

This is the last day you can see Dismantled Evolution for free.

“There is no evidence for any kind of supernatural being of any kind. It goes against the spirit of science!”

Darwinians are hilariously and willfully misinformed: especially when you get past the Established Propaganda, and uncover just how many Christians were publicly and vigorously involved in pushing science forward…

…..until the Darwinians decided to make it into a tool of political power to exclude their enemies, instead of the Christian use of science, as a tool to uncover the secrets of physical reality.

No single Maker of Heaven and Earth?

  • then no single set of predictable rules for us to discover (“many gods, many laws”),
  • and no empirical, objective universe (as opposed to a subjective rules, to de decided by whoever has the most political power.)

“It goes against spirit of science!” is not only at once hilarious and revealing, but a call to a swiftly dying, strictly secular god, rapidly being replaced by the sheer political will of the Woke.

And the Woke, unlike the Darwinians, are not a 19th century artifact of the Master Race, but a 21st century artifact of social media. Their insatiable quest for political power is tuned for today’s world.

Hat tip: New Documentary Dismantles Evolution: Free This Weekend, quoted below:

The film debunks the notion that “creation is religion, evolution is science” with clear arguments about historical sciences. It’s really a question of one version of history vs another, based on worldview assumptions. And yet it is possible to assess the credibility of one over the other using actual science that is observable, repeatable, and testable. Even the eminent evolutionist Ernst Mayr acknowledged that evolution is a “narrative” instead of a science.

Then the presentation uses evidence from biology, geology and genetics to demonstrate that the unchanging Biblical case for history has been gaining reluctant support from secular scientists. The admissions by evolutionists, quoted from scientific papers, are converging to support the Genesis account of history.

For extra credit, check out The Mythology of Science, by R.J. Rushdoony.

If you want to win, you need to work… read… think… understand… and apply what you learn.

As opposed to just making stuff up, and receiving the applause of a government-backed – but strictly secularist! – choir.

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