Politics, Crackdowns and Trust

From It isn’t skeptics who are harming science today, at Uncommon Descent

—<Quote begins>—

Most of the injuries are self-inflicted:

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised that the wearing of face masks by non-medical workers was unnecessary. Months later, they changed their stance to recommend the use of masks by the general public.

After Donald Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus, the drug came under heavy criticism, most notably by The Lancet journal — prompting global trials of it to be suspended. But soon after, data inconsistencies and claims of misconduct surfaced, causing the Lancet study to be retracted — and hydroxychloroquine trials to be resumed.

In the latest major backflip, the WHO has condemned lockdowns as a primary strategy for combating the spread of the virus, after originally recommending them.

Kurt Mahlburg, “To beat Covid we need real science, not scientism” at MercatorNet

Plunging whole hog into politics will only make the world more sceptical. And authoritarian crackdowns will not compensate for lack of genuine trust.

See also:

Now Nature endorses Joe Biden for US Prez—and doesn’t seem to realize what it is doing to itself. Nature was founded in 1869. Between then and now, many U.S. Prezzes have come and gone. The puzzling part is why Nature (and stablemate Scientific American) would throw themselves into the fray like this, as if they had no reputation or credibility, apart from politics, to defend.

—<Quote ends>—

The crackdowns will continue, as legitimacy erodes.

Some variation will continue on the theme of expanding State power: less directly violent and authoritarian than the Soviet and Nazi eras, but still variations on a theme.

The problem is not the opposition of the People: the government-trained Pavlovian Dogs truly don’t care, so long as the checks & treats keep coming.

It’s that

  • deficits do matter,
  • technology continues to decentralize
  • the gatekeepers aren’t coming back
  • and public legitimacy – Trust in Authority – falls away.

You can’t rule just with sticks, with crackdowns, with univocal media noise, with sterile sex games.

You need treats, bribes, and buyouts too… and these things come at a cost. Even as our soft-fascist economy continues to age and wither.

Keep an eye on those checks and budgets, the foundation of government authority today.

See how they rot, via inflation. Deliberately under-reported/under-measured inflation, in order to better shield government balance sheets.

Even as the bailouts keep being pumped out.

Watch out, should the interest rate rise out of the control of the central bank.

And when the treats end – directly, or (more likely) implicitly and secretly, with inflated sawdust being offered as meat – the dogs will get very hostile.

Millions and millions of them.

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