The Fact-free COVID Dystopia

Let’s see how long this bit of Forbidden Knowledge stays up on YouTube.

Remember the old days, when the concern was that we don’t want to overwhelm the hospitals?

We can’t cure this thing, but at least we can get the hospitals in the condition they need to be in, and allow them to cope with reasonable numbers of people. And we will flatten out the number of hospitalizations and deaths over time, so has to allow the hospitals to cope with them rather than allowing everybody to arrive at the hospital all at once.


Then, you start to see on social media all your friends saying “the hospitals are overwhelmed.” It was like a memo had gone out that the word we were all going to use was ‘overwhelmed’. Like your friends couldn’t even be creative enough to come up with a different word, they all had the same word “the hospitals were overwhelmed,” because their other friends said “the hospitals were overwhelmed,” because the other friend said that.

What actually happened was that, in April alone, 1.4 million jobs in health care were lost. Because far from being overwhelmed, the hospitals were mostly empty.

The mainstream media are a pack of mechanically obedient filthy liars.

Eager, willing tools of Powerful Men looking to extend their budgets and power.

It will be a joyous day, when the masses decide to simply ignore whatever they say. A day that is coming swiftly.

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