Who Raised Up the Welfare-State Idol?

We live in the era of the welfare state. This state is inherently messianic. It promises to heal. It is a false god. I have explained why this is the case in Part 2. It is therefore the responsibility of members of each of the four covenants to reject the claims of the modern welfare state. Each individual is required by God to do what he can to overturn this modern god.

Gary North, in Christian Economics: Student’s Edition. Introduction to Part 4: Covenantal Reform

This controlling idol weighing down on us, destroying our liberty, growth, future: where did it came from?

Even if it was a left-wing conspiracy, no such conspiracy could come to fruition in a democratic state, without the votes.

If churches had not defected with respect to the preaching of the gospel and the preaching of the covenant, the once-Christian West would not be in the present disastrous situation in which it finds itself. The modern welfare state would not have come into existence. The bankruptcy-producing unfunded liabilities of the West’s national governments to fund old-age retirement plans and health care for the aged were voted into existence by politicians elected by Christians. If pastors had preached the laws of Christian economics, and if church members had believed them, this would not have happened. But the pastors did not preach this, so the welfare state gained support from the broad masses of Christians. From 1885 on, the idea of the welfare state began to gain support of pastors in large Northern Protestant denominations in the United States. This new theology was known as the social gospel. It was dominant in the large Northern Protestant denominations by 1925.

Gary North, in Christian Economics: Student’s Edition. Introduction to Part 4: Covenantal Reform

We raised it up, with our own two hands.

Just as the Israelites raised up the Asherah poles, and sacrificed their children to Moloch.

Note that the Old Believers murdered far fewer of their children than Christian societies do; and did not raise up schools to teach atheism, paid for by believers who loved “free daycare”, and couldn’t care less about what the kids were learning.

And the Old Believers lived long enough to get stomped on, under the heel of Assyria and Babylon… and Rome.

We should have torn down those poles and stopped the murder (physical and spiritual) of children long ago.

As it is, God is going to stop it Himself, to defend His name. And Christians will get none of the glory or the power of His act as He overthrows the ruling idol of the age.

To the contrary: we are far more likely to get the reward of traitors. No different than the rebellious believers who died in the desert, never entering the promised land.

It’s time to return to the gospel.

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