The Wonder – and the End – of Mosquitoes

Creation Evolution Headlines has a good article, Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?, on the intricate engineering and amazing senses of the mosquito.

Of course, regardless of their exquisite and finely balanced design, I still want them all exterminated.

And maybe we can, and should, wipe them out within this century.

But before we annihilate them, we should understand that we will be destroying something of wonder, something that we must kill not because of the evil intent of the mosquito, but because of the murderous and perverse viruses it carries.

Something that was not meant to be harmful, all those thousand of years ago, before the mutations and the degeneration, which our own evil and foolishness called into being.

But of course, even an evil man, rightfully executed by the state, is a work of wonder and second-by-second miracles.

Miracles that were gifts, gifts that were to be used for good.

But, now perverted, the gifts – like strength and intelligence – only bring on death, and open wide the gate to hell.

Without Christ and His saving hand, temporary blessings only lead to permanent curses.

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