Above the Need for Faith

Ms. Barrett believes that killing an unborn baby is evil.  Ms. Progressive believes that it is good to give a mother a choice to kill her unborn baby.  Yes, Ms. Barrett’s position on abortion is based on her moral beliefs that are in turn formed by her worldview, which is in turn influenced by her religious beliefs.  But the same can be said of Ms. Progressive.  Ms. Progressive’s position on abortion is based on her moral beliefs that are in turn formed by her worldview, which is in turn influenced by her beliefs about the fundamental nature of reality (i.e., her religious beliefs).

The only difference is that Ms. Barrett would undoubtedly concede that her moral views are based on her beliefs about fundamental things, while Ms. Progressive pretends she has no moral presuppositions.  And this is what makes people like Ms. Progressive far more dangerous than people like Ms. Barrett will ever be.  The most dangerous fanatic is the one who is serenely confident in the absolute purity of her own views, because that confidence allows Jacobins (both ancient and modern) to justify violence to further their political project.  After all, if by definition only bigoted and evil people can possibly disagree with you, you are not only permitted to visit violence on them, but you are also practically morally compelled to do so. 

The Rawlsian Myth of the Morally Neutral Perspective, from Uncommon Descent

Odd, how the search for Moral Purity — a strictly secular vision of Moral Purity, in this case — always ends up becoming a quest for power over others.

In this case, a quest free of all that nonsense about “forgiveness”, “equality of the law”, “a justice above human justice”, “a fair hearing before an unbiased court”, and all the rest of that Christian chatter.

No. This is going to be an exercise of raw power over the Evil Inferiors.

As usual.

Christians are not to fall into that trap… a trap that Progressives see not as a danger, but as an opportunity.

Such blindness is what you get, when politics is seen as the only true road to salvation for mankind.

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