Character and Leadership


So, what we learned in the last several days:

1. Trump’s moral character and business dealings don’t matter a bit. He is not running for pastor but for president.

2. Hunter Biden’s moral character and business dealings matter a whole lot, even though he is not running for anything.


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Character actually matters: and bad Christian character produces bad results.

If we are going to change the world, we must kneel and repent before Christ, and allow His Spirit to change us.

We must change first, if we are going to lead the way.

In the lead article today, I discuss theories of the ruling class offered by Angelo Codevilla and William Lind. I have made it clear that I don’t think politics is the heart of the proper analysis of American political life. I think confession of faith is. The confession of faith should guide the confessor in every area of his life. Politics is one of these areas. I don’t think it is the most important area.

This is why I don’t believe in political salvation. Since politics is not at the center of our lives, reforming it and only it is a fool’s errand. I see politics as superstructure, to use Marx’s phrase. It is the extension of a world-and-life view, not the foundation of it.

Gary North, The Key Question You Must Ask Yourself to Assess Your Leadership Potential.

Politics fourth.

And, since politics only comes fourth – after God, family, and church – it isn’t worth cracking, corrupting, and breaking your moral backbone, so that ‘the Right Sort’ can gain political power.

It just isn’t worth it.


I wanted to get the reader’s attention. So, I offered this in the Introduction [to Unconditional Surrender.]

“Sometimes men have to die for their beliefs. Maybe there’s a war, or a revolution, or some sort of major crisis. What is a man willing to die for? What are a lot of men in a society willing to die for? God, country, and family? Fame and fortune? Honor? When we pin men down and ask them what really matters to them, we get some idea of who they are and what they are. We get some idea of who they think they would like to become. We find out what they want out of life when they face a situation that threatens their lives. There’s a man’s religion.

Think about it yourself. Is there something in your life that you would really be willing to die for? Most parents would say that they’d be willing to die for their children. But what about an idea or a belief? If an enemy were holding a gun to your head, and he told you that he was going to pull the trigger unless you were willing publicly to renounce some idea, is there any idea so precious to you that you’d say, ‘Shoot’? Now you’re getting close to your religion.”

I think most people never ask themselves this question. That is a reason why most people never become leaders.

Gary North, The Key Question You Must Ask Yourself to Assess Your Leadership Potential.
Quote marks slightly modified for clarity.

My readers should ask this question.

They should answer it too.

(And “I am willing to die for nothing at all” is definitely an answer. Just a very bad one, with ugly implications.)

If people who have gained experience in leadership band together in a crisis to identify reliable political leadership, preferably by leaders who have not started out in politics, but who have achieved something of value in nonprofit fields, then local communities will find reliable leaders.

The questions then will be these. “What will be the confession of faith of these leaders in nonprofit zones of responsibility? What will they seek as a confession of faith that will govern the political agendas of the potential leaders to whom leaders in the private sector impute legitimacy?”

Leadership had better be more than making money. We have seen the quality of the leadership from the establishment over the past four decades. The leaders who have made the most money have been unreliable in terms of their worldview. They are Progressives. They believe in social salvation through politics. They believe that their money can buy political representatives who will deliver the government into their hands. This has worked for them only because the federal government has had so much money and so much bureaucratic power to shape the society. But when the money runs out, the power will run out.

Gary North, The Key Question You Must Ask Yourself to Assess Your Leadership Potential

Today’s political leadership – everywhere in the West – is morally rotten, rooted in welfare-state theft.

When the government money runs out, the power runs out.

That is when new sources of power will come up.

I am convinced that there will be some kind of social crisis that is tied to what I call the Great Default. When the checks stop coming from Washington, people are going to find out that the federal government is not trustworthy. They are going to revoke their imputation of legitimacy to the government. That will be the great crisis time for this country. I expect that it will spread across the Western world.

At that time, there will be a crying need for leaders. I return to the wonderful aphorism of Jack Miller, the multimillionaire real estate investor. “There will come a time when Americans will cry out for a leader on a white horse. There are a lot of people out there with brown horses and whitewash.”

Gary North, The Key Question You Must Ask Yourself to Assess Your Leadership Potential


But accepting leadership means accepting responsibility.

All sorts of evil, silver-tongued people want to control a fat and rich government complex.

But who wants to take responsibility for some impoverished, bankrupt population and a busted, powerless, delegitimatized government?

Christians must focus on local, small-scale governance. They should start outside of politics, and perhaps outside of the business world too.

They need to prove, and publicly demonstrate, their right to lead.

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