Physics as the Governing Lord

From Evolution News: “Science as Oracle — “Where It Gets Weird”

Our biophysicist colleague Cornelius Hunter joined in today in responding to denials of free will, and insistences on the absolute truth of determinism, from atheists Sabine Hossenfelder and Jerry Coyne. In a video here, Dr. Hunter makes an incisive point:

Coyne, like Hossenfelder, takes as the premise of his views that “physics is in command of everything,” as Hunter summarizes, “and that’s just a given for them. And this is where it gets weird.” Why weird? Because Coyne “doesn’t seem to understand he needs to defend that statement. He doesn’t get that.” As Hunter points out, this is a classic illustration of scientism. “When you are going around, making claims that science ‘says this,’ ‘proves that,’ ‘requires this,’ without giving any explanation or any justification, just making claims in the name of science, that’s scientism.” He adds, “If it were just one person or a couple of people, you could write it off. It’s a lot of people.” That is, a lot of scientists practicing a kind of scientific divination.

The ancients had their oracles, people claiming to speak in the name of the gods — that is, by divination. There was no evidence backing up the statements of the oracles. It is indeed weird that smart people like Hossenfelder and Coyne, and many others, who are themselves scientists, would treat science in this oracular fashion.

Everybody has a Lord, who they know controls all things.

And when I say all, I mean ALL.

And they know this on faith, not on proof, nor with evidence.

The difference here is that a materialist prefers to have an impersonal, mindless, mechanical, blind and deaf Lord that can be used as a machine.

This shifts the locus of meaningful control from outside of themselves, to themselves.

Fake humility: “Oh, we’re just a random bunch of insignificant atoms, a flux in the cosmic fabric, our every move determined by physics from the moment of the big bang. Oh, we are so small and irrelevant and meaningless!”

Real pride: “We understand the fundamental forces of nature, and we will use our knowledge to control you. And don’t you go whining about injustice and oppression, as there is nothing out there to hear you, and the very concepts only mean what we say it means.”

I have a different faith, in a different Lord, than they do.

You must understand that this is a universe personally governed by a omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, profoundly wise, righteous, and just Spirit.

Because the personal responsibility — and the fury behind the words “…or else” — that the materialists are running from is still in full force.

And not only in the afterlife!

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