“There is no such thing as truth.”

“There is no such thing as truth. Science is a social phenomenon and like every other social phenomenon is limited by the benefit or injury it confers on the community”

Adolph Hitler* (or your average woke postmodern academic)

When you hear a progressive talk about “white science” or “patriarchal science” or “Western science” you should hear an echo of the “Jewish science” so hated by the Nazis. The impetus behind cordoning science (or any other universal enterprise) along tribalist lines is identical.


*quoted in Daniel, G. (1962) The Idea of Pre-History, London: C.A. Walts and Co, p. 147,

Quote of the Day, Uncommon Descent.
(Note: the original final word, “indentical”, is respelled correctly above.)

When there is no objective truth, defined by the Lawgiver, then it will be defined by petty, yappy lawgivers.

Tiny, shouty lawgivers, focused on gaining Power for the Tribe, not Justice and Truth for All.

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