(By the way, the horrendous drop in American Indian scores is likely related to the number of test takers almost doubling, although my sense is that Native Americans are not doing well in general. But nobody much cares about them in an era when far more concern is devoted to more talkative groups.)

Asian Supremacy, by Steve Sailer

I don’t particularly mind the discussion of IQ differences between the races, even if race is not a valid concept.

I’m rather sure that it is, by the way… as a matter of middling importance, and far from the Deciding Factor of Human Civilization.

Given the choice between high-IQ murderers, perverts and elite collectivists, and low-IQ caregivers, family men and ho-hum workers, I’m siding with the low-IQ guys every time.

And while both high-IQ and low-IQ criminals are to be punished, the low-IQ criminal is going to be caught more often, punished faster, and punished more harshly, at least in this life. That’s just the way it is.

Unfortunately, Our Progressive Betters made certain to stifle Black America at the height of American Power (See: FDR, segregation, the War on Poverty.) Like the Native Americans, Blacks are going to be locked into their deeply Progressive reservations, too. Exactly where the People Who Care prefer them to be.

But I will tell you this: if Black Americans fall silent, far, far worse is going to happen to them than what is happening now.

Never mind the destructive blight of Black-on-Black violence. We’ll be moving right to the cattle cars, bringing the Inferiors to where Work Will Set You Free.

Exactly as happened to a talkative high-IQ people, who decided to keep silence and not anger the Progressive Authorities.

Better speak up, while you still can.

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