The current era of statist oppression mainly stems from Christians looking up to the state, not for protection from evil men, but for healing and our daily bread – exactly as if it were God. Coupled with the desire of Enforced Conformity, we have created a beast that we will have to starve and restrict.

And regaining our liberty will come at a cost. You can be sure of that.

Lisle also notes a fact that Secularists, Marxist, and the rest of the Right Sort pointedly deny: in God’s eyes, most sins are not crimes per se. That is, the State is not to enforce all of the commandments, just a certain set of them.

We will need to recognize that truth, to recognise the inherent tyranny of all secularist governments, all states that deny the supremacy of Christ and His Law-Word.

Postmillennial Worldview

PMW 2020-095 by Jason Lisle (Biblical Science Institute)

Many people have the impression that the Church is God’s institution and that the government is not. Consequently, the Church must abide by the Bible in all matters, but the government must stay away from religious matters. After all, isn’t there a separation of Church and state? In reality, both the Church and the state are God’s institutions and both are morally obligated to abide by biblical principles. When a government functions in the way God has specified, it is a blessing to all the people. But a government that will not follow biblical principles inevitably becomes a tyrannical “beast” that oppresses its own citizens.

The Biblical Purpose of Government

In Romans 13:1 the Apostle Paul states, “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established…

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