Almost there…. Almost there…

From: Great Deal for Materialists! We Will Spot You 99 Yards and 35 Inches in a 100 Yard Dash

To all of the materialist OOL researchers who continue to blither about how we are tantalizingly close to discovering how blind unguided natural forces produced the staggeringly complex nano-technology in even the simplest cell, we challenge you to a 100 yard dash.

And there is good news.  We will spot you 99 yards and 35 inches. 

Here’s how.  Take the simplest living cell you can find.  Put it in purified water free from any contaminants.  At this point you will have every chemical you need for the existence of simple life.  You will have all of those chemicals already arranged so that life can exist.  You need absolutely nothing else.  It is an absolutely perfect chemical cocktail for the existence of life.

Now, poke a hole in the cell membrane.  You now have non-living chemicals.  But as we just described, you have everything you need for life to exist.  In our metaphorical 100 yard dash, you are 99 yards and 35 inches to the finish line. 

Now, cross the line.  We’ll wait. But we won’t be holding our breath.

HT: Granville

We’ll be waiting a long time.

As in, longer than forever.

As in, never.

Surprisingly similar to the duration of the damned in the lake of fire, BTW.

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