“Cases.” Not hospitalizations. Not deaths. Just “Cases.”

On the failure of lockdowns, as described by Tom Woods.

His insights into the mentality of… well, not Our Betters directly, but their eager-to-obey minions, is rather sharp.

My words in bold.

With Massachusetts seeing a rise in “cases,” I saw someone on Twitter lamenting that he and his fellow Massachusetts residents had “dropped the ball.”

Notice that this person cannot admit that the voodoo doesn’t work. It’s always because the peasants didn’t comply enough.

If you stupid people would just obey us, this thing would go away!

Tom Woods, The “Listen to the Science” Cult

The petty I Love Authority minions really do think this way.

I understand why progressives might be attracted to this way of thinking:

(1) They hold a superstitious belief in the powers of the state — so if the state says it can wipe out a virus, who’s to say it can’t?
(2) It involves “experts” dictating to the stupid rubes, which is their preferred model of governance.
(3) It allows them to ridicule the working-class people they despise — why, if only these backward hicks would “follow the science,” we’d be out of this thing already!

It reminds me of impoverished white southerners, putting the boots on impoverished black southerners, while distant, faint laughter can be heard from the north.

After all, most of those progressives are highly educated, but poorly compensated. They really should have gone into carpentry or HVAC work, and get the ability to earn a decent family wage.

But to them, social status is more important than bottom-line results, so…

But let’s face facts:

Lockdowns only delay the inevitable, and they leave wreckage in their wake.

(And forget about masks: as I’ve shown before, mask mandates have no discernible effect on the spread of the virus. If they were as effective as people say — e.g., if we’d just wear masks for six weeks, we’d be out of this! — there should be some obvious effect on the charts, but there just isn’t. Believe me, I wish masks could solve the problem so I could get the rest of my life back.)

If masks got the job done, then we would have seen it by now.

Instead of actually doing anything, it’s just a symbol of submission and cultic compliance.)

Peru, Belgium, and the UK (to name three of many examples) had hard lockdowns, and high death rates. Belgium and the UK are locking back down, as is much of Europe.

Hard lockdowns AND high death rates.


The crazies, when faced with this data, try to claim that such-and-such country didn’t lock down early enough. It can’t be that lockdowns don’t work, remember. (It’s super-scientific to assume a priori that the approach works!) No, it’s always that those stupid people didn’t “listen to the science,” even though there is precisely zero “science” behind lockdowns. There’s no guidebook, no nothing. Lockdowns weren’t even a thing until 2020.

But you certainly can’t say that Spain didn’t lock down early and hard.

Or Italy, for that matter, much as they try to.

Now the same European countries whose insufferable intellectuals have been lecturing the U.S. for its handling of the crisis are seeking spikes in deaths again.

It’s not even about the health of the population now, never mind science. It’s just politics and social status poses.

I am confident it’s been that way since the rise of State Health Care, and Britain “stuffing the mouths of doctors with gold.”

Our True Saviour, Our One Healer, the State.

God is not mocked. Not at zero cost… and in time, not at all.

In Italy, and in the UK, and here and there in other places, at least some people are fighting back.

The last lockdown took everything they had. One video, which has gone viral, shows an Italian woman crying that she has lost everything and has nothing to feed her child.

I guess she’d better “listen to the science,” right?

What a sick, deranged cult this is.

A modern-day mania, with the adherents chanting “listen to the science”.

But at least the Ruling Class — private and public — will be well-compensated!


Meanwhile, vastly more deaths are being caused elsewhere by the policy. Oxford’s Sunetra Gupta just published a column in the Daily Mail arguing that the response to the virus has been worse than the virus itself.

Even the New York Times noted that excess deaths from TB, HIV, and malaria caused as a direct result of the lockdowns will exceed two million.

We really are governed by fools and children.

And again, I wonder why that’s so… while looking at the powerless pulpits, entrusted in the spreading of Divine Wisdom and the teaching of Divine Truth – including the Laws and the Commandments.

I can say this: they are not powerless because they preached the Word… but because they didn’t.

At least, they refused to preach the parts of the Bible that could have hit the tithe collection. You know: all that stuff about hell and punishment and the law.

I could go on and on about the collateral deaths, but I’m probably sounding like a broken record by now.

Some things are worth repeating.

As Professor Gupta puts it, “Lockdown is a luxury of the affluent; something that can be afforded only in wealthy countries — and even then, only by the better-off households in those countries.”

By the way, Prof. Gupta describes her politics as “left-wing,” and is aghast that people think she’s part of a right-wing conspiracy because she opposes barbaric lockdowns.

In her column, she pointed to a new initiative aimed at chronicling the devastating effects of lockdowns. I thought you might be interested to take a look:


A left-winger, looking out for the interest of the poor and the weak?

Instead of looking for ways to destroy their culture, their families, their wealth, their liberty, and finally their very lives?

A rare sight, indeed!

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