Compassionate Hypocrisy

Apple blathers on and on about how environmentally conscious they are.

But they won’t let you spend a little money to fix your phone, and save on resources.

You can only spend a lot of money by sending it to Apple, who will fix replace your phone, or have them recycle it… allowing you the privilege of buying a new phone.

This will cost the consumer in resources, transport, and energy.

But Apple gets its money and control.

“And isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Note that I don’t dispute the right of Apple to lock down it’s phone.

I don’t believe that we need another law to stop this. (Although I am willing to listen to the “right to repair” arguments.)

I only wish to point how how liberal pieties instinctively leads to more power in their hands, and less freedom in yours.

We don’t need another law… but we can use fewer laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations typically drawn up by the industry leaders and government regulators together, against the public.

“For their own good.”

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