Pretty Patent Lies on the Sabbath

From the transcript for IBL04 -The Fourth Commandment: Sabbath and Work by R. J. Rushdoony

—<Quote begins>—

Well the rest he is called upon to take is a rest in the Lord, not in the earth, and there is a difference. Now a work of necessity in the field, if a farmer has say raisins on the ground and it’s raining you go out there to save them.


No. He has plenty of time otherwise and obviously he’s not interested in the Lord.



No, but there is a difference between work


I’m not interested in the specifics, but my point is because then you start quibbling about details, where you’re going to draw the line. But there is a difference between say, working in the garden, and worshipping God, resting in God.


How many men who go out and work on the garden all day on Sunday think about the garden of Eden and this being symbolic of Eden, or think about the Bible? In other words, usually that excuse is offered by people who have no desire to show any interest in God. And here is the fundamental point of


My answer to that is, I’ve heard that from many people that argument, and I’ve found that those who use it have no respect for God, they don’t believe in Him, they never read the Bible, they never show their face near a good church or any kind of church, in other words they n ever think about God until somebody in their family tells them “Why are you working on Sunday, why don’t you go to church?” Well then suddenly they’re doing it unto the Lord. It never occurred to them to give a nickel or a penny to the Lord the rest of their lives but if they need an excuse then suddenly God is dragged in. I think there work in the garden would be a lot better in God’s sight if they didn’t try to justify it. Its when they try to make an excuse that somehow its religious that it really stinks as far as I’m concerned. [laughter]


Well look, a man can enjoy sitting in a bar too, enjoying isn’t the be all and end all of proving that is something is good


I’m not interested in getting into the argument on specifics my point is these people who offer these things and say “this is my rest” are not interested in God, they are interested in recreation and themselves. So to try and drag God into justification of that and offer what they are doing to substitute is all wrong in my site because, first of all, to drag God into to me is blasphemy, because they’re not interested in Him. Let them go out and work in the garden, I’m not stopping them. Let them go and play golf, let them do what they want, but keep God out of it. That is the sin, when they try to say somehow “this squares with God” then they’re the worst Pharisee’s under the sun. It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy. But if they leave God out of it, let them go their way, I’m not stopping them, but I say if you are going to bring God into it then you’ve got to put God first, not my recreation, and my tastes, and my pleasures, and my this and that. That is the evil, and it is an evil, it’s a fearful evil. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain. And I’ve never found anybody who used those arguments who wasn’t taking God’s name in vain, they just wanted to have their cake and eat it too and God didn’t mean a thing to them until somehow they thought “maybe this doesn’t square with God” in their site they’re the salt of the earth, so they’re going to cloak everything with the name of God.

—<Quote ends>—

Don’t take the name of the Lord in vain.

If you are going to work on the Sabbath, then work. But don’t justify it by claiming that “I’m doing this work in the Lord.”

If you must work to save the harvest, or save your ox, or save a life, go and do it!

But otherwise? Work is work, and rest is rest. Don’t delude yourself by confusing the two.

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