Stolen Elections and Consequences

We are watching something wonderful. I don’t mean the theft. I mean the awareness of Trump’s supporters of the theft. They are not going to forget in 2024.

They are not going to go away, either.

If as few as 1/10 of 1% of them are so ticked off that they get involved on a permanent basis in precinct politics in the Republican Party, they are going to take back the Republican Party. That has not happened since 1924.

Gary North, An Election Stolen by Computer Rigging? Again?

If this is the result of the electoral nonsense of the 2020 election, then all of this hassle would have been worth it.

More pissed-off Republican voters, morphing into active foot soldiers taking control of their party, please.

“Finally: a choice, not an Establishment echo!”

Supplement: Twitter and Facebook are smacking down all questioning of US election integrity. What about 4 years of Russiagate?

I don’t mind private media censorship… but you should be aware that it’s happening.

Multiple information sources are A Good Thing. At least you get different propaganda flavours, which makes life more entertaining and informative.

Supplement: “Landslide Joe,” Heir of “Landslide Lyndon”

Just some early-era election theft, so you know the basics. Of course, today’s nonsense has some electronic parts, too.

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