Video: The COVID Cult

The lockdown-based response to COVID is the greatest public-health fiasco in the history of the world, with wreckage we’ll be feeling for years, and yet the media has managed to get half the public cheering for villains and booing heroes.

The propaganda is preposterous: gatherings that our betters disapprove of are “superspreader” events (Trump’s rally in Sanford, Florida, was followed by a continued plummeting of Florida’s death numbers, so they just ignored that), but other gatherings are wonderful displays of righteousness, and we all know the virus hates righteousness!

Minnesota, Colorado, and New Mexico — three blue states that supposedly “listened to the science”(TM) — are now hotspots. Will they be criticized? Of course not. Only red states are criticized for spikes.

Anyway, you’ll enjoy this talk. Trust me.

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A follow-up:

The wording seems a bit abstract, consistent with the genre of this style of writing. To put it in English, fear of bad Covid outcomes was never a good reason to shut the schools. Which is to say: this was a huge mistake. It is shocking to consider what has been lost, how the children have been treated, how brutalized are the parents who have paid so much in taxes or in private school tuition. It is robbery not only of money but also of education and the good life. 

AIER has in general agreed with John Ioannidis’s claim from mid-March. These policies were put into place with no solid evidence that they would mitigate the virus or improve on medical outcomes.

From the beginning, the lockdowns were a policy in search of a rationale. In all these intervening months, none has been forthcoming. And we are only now seeing the solid research proving that the skeptics were correct from the beginning. The only question now is whether and when the “experts” that produced this astonishing failure will admit their error. Perhaps the answer is: when the media start reporting on it. 

It Was a Mistake to Close Schools, UK Study Concedes – Jeffrey A. Tucker 

If Mr. Tucker is waiting for “when the media start reporting on it”, he’ll be waiting a long time.

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