The New Adam, The New Race, The New King

More good stuff from Rushdoony, quoted from The Fifth Commandment The Holy Family

I won’t be adding anything: instead, I will bold some of his words.

—<Quote begins>—

by His virgin birth, Jesus Christ was a new creation, a new Adam like the first Adam, a miracle, a creation directly from God. But unlike Adam, the very Son of God on the one side and on the other side, linked to the old humanity borne of Adam by his birth from Mary. And St. Paul speaks of Christ as the second man or the last or second Adam and as such He is the fountainhead of a new humanity. I Corinthians 15:45 – 47, the great passage in which He speaks of our Lord as a second man or last Adam, as the new Adam, He is the fountain head of the new humanity, a new human race to replace the old Adamic race. This then is the purpose of God. The old humanity is to be converted or cut out. And the new humanity is to replace it. The first Adam was tempted in paradise and fell. The second Adam was tempted in the wilderness, signifying what the world had become under the first Adam and He triumphed. And as the true Adam, He now exercises dominion. He is the law-giver. He declared this in the Sermon on the Mount.

Now to proclaim law is the function of kingship, of sovereignty. And kings, in ancient times, proclaimed the law in the name of their god. Moses proclaimed the Law in the name of God, the King of Israel. And so he said, ‘thus saith the Lord.’ The Babylonians monarchs proclaimed the law in the name of Marduk. But Jesus Christ said, “I say unto you.” He proclaimed it as God and King. And He cited the Law as it had been given unto Moses and then interpreted it as His own Word. “I say unto you,” declaring Himself to be the Lord and giver of the Law, very God. And as the true Adam, would come to fulfill it and to exercise dominion, kingship over the earth. And by His Great Commission, He sent forth His disciples saying, “All power,” (all authority) “is given unto me in heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Bring all nations and all peoples of those nations under my dominion under my kingship. Convert them and bring them in subordination to my Word, to my law and order.

Then fifth, we must say that Jesus Christ as king of the earth has the right of dominion. This means that He attacks and overthrows all those who deny His dominion. And thus God in Ezekiel 21:27 signified the function of the breaking up of history as its overturning. “I will overturn, overturn, overturn it and it shall be no more until He come whose right it is. And I will give it Him.”

Sixth, Jesus Christ by His birth in Bethlehem into the holy family was born under the law and into the law to fulfill the law. He began from birth by His membership in the holy family where He kept the whole of the law, including family law.

—<Quote ends>—


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