Taking Back a Gift to the Poor

Until the development of the public school system, the children either ran wild in the streets or they worked in factories. They did not get extensive formal education. One of the reasons Sunday schools were developed in the late 18th century was to provide an opportunity for street children to be taught how to read. This is a great breakthrough. Over time, however, members of the congregations decided that it was a better use of Sunday school time to train their own children. The original goal of the Sunday school was abandoned.

Gary North, Zoom and the Restoration of the Traditional Family

I can understand the reason: our first obligation is to our own children.

But I have a suspicion. I suspect that the Christian parents didn’t want to spend their own time and energy to train their own children to read, so they off-loaded the responsibility to the Sunday School teacher.

And in time, it was again shifted from the Sunday School teacher to government teachers and their Free Education: initially Unitarian, and later openly Darwinist and Secularist… and now, pointedly anti-Christian teachers.

My recommendation?

  • Don’t steal gifts given to the poor. God is not mocked.
  • Stop being lazy. Raise your children in the fear of the Lord, to learn a trade, to respect and gain knowledge, to raise their own children to uphold God’s Law-Word and expand His Kingdom.

Once you have your own house in order, then, once again, you can expand the Kingdom of God into the outer world. First to the poor and weak – including poor children and workers in difficult circumstances. Then onwards and upwards, until God’s Law and God’s Will is upheld throughout the inhabited world of men.

(Or all the worlds of men, if the Lord so chooses.)

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