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From Dinosaur Swims to Rescue Darwin by David F. Coppedge

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A duck-billed dinosaur had to swim like a duck over an ocean to save the evolutionary timeline from falsification.

It’s incredible how the secular media will accept ridiculous notions in order to keep the HMS Charlie afloat. We’ve seen the rafting hypothesis used to explain how monkeys got to the New World, but this one seems beyond belief. Has Charlie hired duck-billed dinosaurs as his personal lifeguards?

The fossil of a duckbill dinosaur has been found on the ‘wrong’ continent (Live Science).

The final chapter of dinosaur history is a tale stretching across two very different worlds, each a vast supercontinent dominated by its own unique mix of predators and herbivores.

Fossilized remains of a plant eater common to one of the two major land masses have been unexpectedly unearthed in rocks belonging to the other, prompting paleontologists to ask just how it managed to make such a leap.

“It was completely out of place, like finding a kangaroo in Scotland,” says University of Bath paleontologist Nicholas Longrich, who led a study on the recent discovery.

Tie me kangaroo down, sport; this is amazing. Teeth of a lambeosaur, a type of hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) were found in Morocco. This dinosaur could not have walked to Africa, Longrich says. So how did it get there? Maybe it paddled: that’s the “theory rescue” hypothesis.

This small juvenile was too small to have paddled across hundreds of kilometers of ocean, even if the adults were strong swimmers. The lifeguard dinosaur may have had a surfboard to paddle out on.

But theories of smaller animals rapidly crossing oceans on floating rafts of vegetation abound – why not a relatively tiny dinosaur?

“Once-in-a-century events are likely to happen many times. Ocean crossings are needed to explain how lemurs and hippos got to Madagascar, or how monkeys and rodents crossed from Africa to South America,” says Longrich.

Longrich just dug his hole deeper. If this were plausible, observers have had centuries to watch large animals rafting across oceans on floating rafts. How often do they see hippos swimming to Madagascar? How many ships have looked down at monkeys crossing from Africa to vacation spots in Brazil?

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Just how many elephants do you see swimming to Europe? Or Siberian Tigers showing up on ice flows in Alaska?

If it doesn’t happen now, why should we expect it to happen then?

The whole thing is turning to ancient fairy stories.

Not a story where a Mind and a Hand shapes things, for a particular purpose.

But where fantastic miracles happen, one after another… for no reason at all.

“But no source of the miracles!
No reason behind the miracles!
No mind before us!
No Authority before Man!”

“And you can’t call them miracles, either!”

Magic – getting something from nothing – doesn’t cut it.

Not in the real world, and not in the past.

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