Mired in Negation, and Fighting Something With Nothing

Belief is the default.  What needs to be explained is systematic cynicism or unbelief:  it’s a pathological state that makes individuals miserable and society untenable.

The great explanatory narratives demand our trust, and trust, in my framework, is a specific relationship to the available information.  I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why distrust is so prevalent today.  The story-tellers – public officials, the media, scientists:  the elites – live in an entirely different information universe from the rest of us.  They behave as if we were still in the 20th century, and information is still their monopoly, which they dispense as they see fit and which we will accept on authority.  They pretend that they alone have escaped Plato’s cave:  they know.  So their stories strike a mathematical pose, and seek to explain, from on high, how they will apply their expertise to “solve” political, social, or health “problems.”  

In fact, the public, which swims comfortably in the digital sea, knows far more than elites trapped in obsolete structures.  The public knows when the elites fail to deliver their promised “solutions,” when they tell falsehoods or misspeak, when they are caught in sexual escapades, and when they indulge in astonishing levels of smugness and hypocrisy.  The public is disenchanted in the elites and their institutions, much in the way science disenchanted the world of fairies and goblins.  The natural reaction is cynicism.  The elites aren’t seen as fallible humans doing their best but as corrupt and arrogant jerks.  The public, I said, is mired in negation.

The Prophet of the Revolt: Martin Gurri and the ungovernable public by
Antonio Garcia-Martinez

That is the problem: people are hostile against the current system, but have nothing to turn to.

“You can’t beat something with nothing.”

That is what Christian Reconstructions must provide. Not another pack of elitist power-grabber, but slowly but surely building a better way of living, from God’s Law-Word to our hearts, our families & churches, our business and neighbourhoods, onwards to our towns and communities and local courts.

We must earn the right to rule, in both the eyes of God and Man.

And the only way to do so is with daily service to both, day after day, for all our lives.

And if it becomes a choice between integrity and power, or family and power, or God and power?

Toss power out of the window.

Politics fourth… at best.

Hat tip: Gary North, The JFK Assassination Book That Cracked Open the American Establishment


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