Wear Your Mask? Wear Your Muzzle!

From the Tom Woods letter I subscribe to:

For the first time ever, Facebook has “fact checked” me.

They’re claiming that my talk “The COVID Cult,” which is the avenue through which many of you joined this list, is “partly false.”

I thought they would attach to it some generic article claiming that lockdowns and masks are super, etc.


They actually went to the trouble of preparing a special article dealing specifically with my video. It was almost flattering, in a perverse way.

In today’s episode of the Tom Woods Show, coming out tonight, I go through it in detail.

For here, I’ll say a few things.

First, they sure didn’t like my mask charts!

Most of those charts showed one key thing: if you take an individual country, look at its graph of “cases,” and then try to guess where the mask mandate went into effect, you’ll always be wrong. It’s entirely random.

It’s not like there are lots of cases, then at the top there’s a mask mandate, and then the cases go away.

The “fact check” thought I was comparing one country with another, and said that there are many factors other than masks that can account for differences. Well, duh. But most of my presentation wasn’t comparing one country with another. It was comparing countries with themselves.

(Although you’d better believe that if the charts showed masked countries doing better, Facebook would have cited that against me without any of this concern for subtlety.)

And the point is this: the CDC director was obviously full of it when he said 4-6 weeks of mask wearing would get “cases” way down. Even Michael Osterholm, on Joe Biden’s COVID team, called that remark “unfortunate” (which is academicspeak for “b.s.”).

Also in my talk I made oblique reference to the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement authored by scientists from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, and co-signed by countless more experts and citizens, calling lockdowns a public health fiasco and recommending instead a “focused protection” approach that allows the young to resume their lives while protecting the old.

The entirety of the “fact check” on this was that some public health officials have said this is a bad idea.

There’s controversy about it, so that makes it wrong!

Not that Tom Woods, being a gentleman and a scholar, never refers to the masks as a muzzle. An object Establishment lesson, to illustrate how easy it is to muffle and silence the people you don’t like… while keeping the muzzle off of people you do like.

He doesn’t say this.

I do.

What he does provide is a wealth of useful resources that the muzzled can turn to, when they finally get weary of being treated like dogs.

The dogs that the owners don’t like.

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