Busting the paradigm without busting your career?

From Uncommon Descent: Busting the paradigm without busting your career?

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A Cornell U psych prof warns against letting the career lardbellies know in so many words that you plan to shake things up a bit:

Do not present your ideas as paradigm defying. Let your audience figure it out for themselves. As soon as you trumpet your ideas as being paradigm busting, you are opening yourself up, regardless of what you say, to attack from people who will disagree with anything too new. So, downplay the paradigm-defying nature of your ideas. Let your audience figure it out. Some won’t figure it out and thus will feel less threatened.

Robert J. Sternberg, “Was Your Idea Too Creative?” at Inside Higher Ed

Applying the prof’s ideas to ID, perhaps it’s self-defeating for a researcher to say that a chosen approach opposes Darwinism. Darwinism is self-destructing anyhow. Better just to say that one can ansewer some questions more correctly and more easily if we are not expected to hew closely to a strict Darwinian account of evolution. That amounts to the same thing but non-fanatics may not pick up on the significance.

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In general, I would prefer to build something new and just – however small and ill-funded – than attach myself to a dying bureaucracy built on lies, however well-funded. As a rule of thumb, bureaucracies cannot be redeemed.

But I am not you, and I don’t claim to see all things. And even Joseph and Daniel were specifically placed in vast pagan bureaucracies to uphold the will of God.

Just something to consider.

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