Euthanized Loneliness

From National Review’s Elderly Woman Euthanized to Avoid Anguish of Lockdown Loneliness by Wesley J. Smith

—<Quote begins>—

An elderly Canadian woman was killed by her doctor because she would rather be dead than go through another COVID lockdown. When it looked like she would have to be confined to her room for two weeks, she asked for — and received — the lethal jab due to declining mental health and vitality. From the CTV story:

Russell, described by her family as exceptionally social and spry, was one such person. Her family says she chose a medically-assisted death (MAID) after she declined so sharply during lockdown that she didn’t want to go through more isolation this winter…

This time, doctors approved her. Russell would not have to go through another lockdown in her care home. “She just truly did not believe that she wanted to try another one of those two-week confinements into her room,” her daughter said.

But note, for her death, she could be surrounded by friends and family!

When 90-year-old Nancy Russell died last month, she was surrounded by friends and family. They clustered around her bed, singing a song she had chosen to send her off, as a doctor helped her through a medically-assisted death.

So companionship to be made dead but not to remain alive. And her family thinks this was a fine option, demonstrating how the social mindset becomes twisted by euthanasia consciousness.

But, we are told, killing to end suffering is oh soooo compassionate! And lockdowns are measures of good public health! Bah!

Those with eyes to see, let them see.

—<Quote ends>—

  • Beware of the loving-kindness of the wicked and the murderous.
  • People really will choose slavery and death “in the name of certainty”, over freedom and life “and face the uncontrolled risk of loss”.

Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast,
    but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

Proverbs 12:10, English Standard Version

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