COVID Complacency Fades Away

Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly has been arrested after opening his restaurant in direct defiance of lockdown orders in Toronto, with a crowd of BBQ lovers shouting ‘shame!’ as officers dragged him away.

The barbecue restaurant and Skelly himself became the center of controversy this week after he announced in an Instagram video on Tuesday that he was opening his doors. He also questioned lockdown orders and whether Covid-19 cases were being inflated.

‘This is Canada, not North Korea!’ WATCH Toronto BBQ owner get dragged away in handcuffs for breaching Covid-19 rules.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Gyms, barber shops and salons were just some of the businesses forced to close a second time during the pandemic. 

That’s after parts of Erie County and Niagara county were deemed orange zones.

Owners tell 2 On Your Side they just don’t understand why they were forced to close and where the data suggests that they should have in the first place.

“They said they have empirical evidence. We want to see the evidence, we want to see the science, we want to see the numbers,” said Michael Zanghi, the owner of Joey’s Barber Room in Depew.

He hasn’t had a single case of coronavirus, which seems to be a trend among several barber shops and salons across Western New York who are a part a private Facebook group called “Buffalo Salons – Reopening.”

Closed business owners: show us the COVID data to support it


It looks like people don’t like it, having their livelihoods and businesses destroyed as a pure show of power by The Right Sort.

Especially when there isn’t a shred of evidence to support the claim that the diseases spreads among businesses in contrast to, say, old age homes and hospitals.

“Well, they can suck it up. We have a pandemic to fight!”

The little people pay the price, while The Caring Authorities — secure in their tax-funded salaries, impossible-to-fire positions, and secured pension plans — boast about their Love for the People.

While looking for new ways to exercise their power on the Inferiors… without any need to justify a single thing.

But now, even the ever-submissive, polite, and compliant Canadians starting to revolt, here and there.


As we all know, the Left will continue to back the lockdowns 100%.
“Power justifies all things,” as any Marxist would quickly point out, “so Shut Up and Obey.”
(Did you really expect them to say anything else?)

But I’m curious to know what the Right is going to do about it.

Is there even a dime’s worth of difference between them?

Let’s find out!

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