Shoddy Propaganda? Nah, Just Tribal Signalling

Gaining Warmth From the Approval of the Authorities

From God Delusion, or Atheist Delusion? by David F. Coppedge

—<Quote begins>—

“Live Science” lets a so-called “expert” equate all religion with psychological delusions. The tables should be turned on atheists.

At Live Science, Ryan McKay and Robert Ross used a “science news” platform to ridicule religion, equating it to clearly pathological psychological delusions. With the suggestive title, “Is belief in God a delusion?” they give faint flattery to sincere religious people, but quickly overwhelm them with ridicule.

Our aim here is neither to demonize, nor to defend, religious belief. While religion is a source of solace and comfort for millions, particular religious beliefs can be “malignant” in Pinker’s sense – devaluing and damaging mortal lives. And, unfortunately, malignant beliefs that are shared by the many are far more dangerous than those shared by the few.

The article fails as a scholarly analysis of religion for several reasons.

  • The article gives prominence to atheists Stephen Pinker and Richard Dawkins, well-known atheists.
  • Atheism is portrayed as a control group that presumably is free of delusions.
  • The field of psychology has enough problems of its own to be considered reliable (22 May 2014). Remember the “replication crisis” that still plagues it (6 Oct 2019), and the history of fraud and misconduct?
  • The authors refer favorably to the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” the so-called “bible” of psychiatry. This manual has been criticized heavily. (10 May 2013)
  • Their choice of examples includes a ridicule of Donald Trump, revealing their political biases.
  • The article mentions delusional beliefs that have nothing to do with religion.
  • The article fails to mention delusions of atheism, such as the belief that the Stuff Happens Law explains their minds.
  • Atheism has no category for terms like delusion, malignant, and pathological. In atheism, stuff just happens.
  • Atheism is delusional itself on the grounds that it is self-refuting. It claims there is no supernatural, but appeals to matters of truth and morality that are immaterial.

Surely some religions, such as Islamic extremism, are capable of “devaluing and damaging mortal lives.” But how about atheism? Many of the most horrendous mass murders and genocides were committed for the cause of atheism, spurred on by Darwinian evolution (see 9 Jan 2019 and 30 Nov 2005, for example).

An article that careless and biased cannot be taken seriously. Any loving, upright-living and dedicated pastor who spends his life caring for the weak and suffering should wag his head in disbelief that claims of this sort are being promoted on a “science” site.

Live Science tries to absolve itself from the mess with the ending disclaimer, “The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.” But aren’t they calling this article part of a series on “Expert Voices”? If this has to do with scientific voices and debates, why is there no opportunity for the other side to share its voice and rebuttal? For shame!

—<Quote ends>—

What is Live Science’s goal with this article?

It is certainly not science, “an objective, unbiased investigation to determine the nature of reality.”

It isn’t even really propaganda, “information selected to persuade others.”

This is just signalling, “comforting tales to reassure your listeners of their Innate Superiority over the Inferiors.”

Telling your readers how smart they are helps with boosting their comfort level, and thus repeated views and sales.

“Evolution is not about truth. It’s about survival.”

And if pleasing, flattering lies get the profits your publication needs to survive a tough business climate, then you know the path that Darwin recommends.

Shun the Cocoon, Leave the Ghetto.
Gain Dominion in the Real World.

Neither Christian laymen nor Christian scientists are permitted to wrap a comforting cocoon of lies around themselves, sheltering them from the hard world of the Real, certain of their righteousness.

Christians must connect with reality, see things as they are, and understand how they fall short of being what God wants us to be.

Recognizing the existence of objective reality — crafted in the mind of God, not Properly Credentialed Men (however powerful and however many) — is essential to gaining dominion in the Real World.

And Christians are to earn the right to lead in the Real World, and not in dying social cliques and isolated, self-flattering power pyramids. Regardless of how well-funded and legally/socially protected those cliques and pyramids are at the moment.

Only when you know where and how and to what degree you are falling short of the mark, can you begin to grow and learn and improve, and rise to the level God expects of you.

Therefore, Christians must connect to Reality, in order to overcome their weaknesses and gain more and more skills to master the outer world.

Fortunately, believers have the Mind of Christ, and so can better understand both their own flaws, and how to slowly but surely grow past those flaws.

Forget the way of Power and Pride.
Follow the way of Humble Service.”

Believers actually know that they can fail. They have an objective standard to measure themselves with, so they can turn from the graveyard and toward success and victory.

As opposed to just redefining “success” and “failure” to suit your emotional and social needs, recloaked with Intimidating & Impressive — but still self-serving — Scientific Jargon.

There is a Way That Seems Right to a Man…

Those who hate God are busy playing social games, so they can prove their Superiority… and so, no longer need to ever admit they are wrong. Ever.

That is, they are fleeing Reality, and jumping into the Stability and Safety that graveyards always promise.

Christians would be wise to embrace correction, admit their flaws, repent of their failures, and hew even closer to the Word of Objective Reality and Truth.

We must follow the Standard that is above us, guiding us, directing us from sterile prideful lies to fruitful humble truths.

And so, gain life – even the victorious life! – for ourselves and our people.

And thus please God Most High, gaining blessings now, as well as the unearned gift of eternal life.


Gaining Dominion over Creation means paying the price.

They won’t do it: and so, full of pride and thirsting for power over others, wrapped up in flattering illusions, they will lose.

We should do it: and so, as humble servants to God and men, paying the price an apprentice must to gain mastery in the real world, we will win.


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