Twilight of the Media Elites: Useful Tidbits

Antonio Garcia-Martinez, in his article Twilight of the Media Elites, points out just how much Internet-fueled economics is powering today’s media changes.

“As the price declines, more of it is produced.”

The customer always gets what they want: In the case of an ads-driven business model where the advertiser is the true customer, that’s balanced political news alongside frivolous lifestyle stories as a canvas for ads. In the case of subscribers, it’s being flattered by having their own worldviews echoed back at themselves in more articulate form. Nobody actually pays for news, unless your livelihood depends on it, which is why outlets like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg will still flourish, but nothing vaguely resembling news will otherwise remain in a subscription-driven world.

Now, that’s the truth!

Something Live Science understands well.

Ideology is like body odor: someone else’s absolutely reeks if strong enough, but you can’t even notice your own. If you remain convinced, in the year 2020 AD, that this or that national outlet remains the megaphone of disinterested chroniclers and selfless truth-seekers, then the BO in question is surely your own. But don’t expect everyone else to put up with the stink.

If I can occasionally get us Christian Reconstructionists to occasionally break out of our bubble, I will have done fairly well.

Fortunately, this blog is not financially tied to the need to flatter the reader.

This blog is free too, as I can’t uncover/extract high-value information at the rate Gary North can. *shrug*

The Times will triumph financially, dramatically so, and utterly fail as an intellectual institution, at least by its former standards. Sure, the Times staff, like fourth-century Roman emperors intoning the half-remembered tropes of the Roman republic, will speak of ‘objectivity’ and ‘the first draft of history’. But only they and their subscribers will actually believe it. The editorial branding will be august pronouncements about ‘the paper of record’, but the business model is pure Netflix: All The News Fit To Binge.

Well, at least the money is coming in and the bills are being paid.

Even after the Great Default — when hundreds of thousands millions of comfortably-paid bureaucrats will be tossed out the window — there will still be a market for the Opinions of the Right Sort.

Just a rather smaller market. With far less influence over the lives of others.

Bankrupt and busted governments, coupled with rapidly shrinking bureaucracies and budgets, have that effect on people.

Something for them to weep over.

And for you to rejoice in.

Key to understanding the flare-up in journo-on-journo violence is the political backdrop of the Great Awokening, where an entire passel of ever-changing social-justice views are rapidly replacing the Protestantism-infused social progressivism of decades past. This isn’t the same tired generational story of idealistic whipper-snappers cooking up unworkable utopias and fractious ‘Communes’ while the old farts manage the financially-viable business models: the economics are on the side of the revolutionaries! If subscribers want the views of a sitting US senator squelched, but wish to read the blatant propaganda from the mouthpiece of an expansionary regime that operates labor camps, for the low, low price of $14/month, they can get it.

Which guarantees the revolutionaries’ eventual victory. The dinosaurs just don’t realize what’s about to hit them yet. Or they do, but they’re lighting novena candles to Edward R. Murrow and hoping they won’t get purged before their kids are out of Penn or NYU. But defenestrated they will be, with the bravest among them (such as Weiss) shouting idealistic rallying cries before smacking pavement.

A liberal such as Weiss — who happily signed on with all the latest Progressive fads “Separating Us from Them” except the latest and greatest one — will soon be just an historical artifact.

Their day is done.

Your day, Christian, is just beginning.

If — and only if — you are willing to put in the time and hard labour to master your tools, and gain dominion over your patch of the battlefield.

Be it an excellent handyman, or an excellent mother, or an excellent scientist, or an excellent preacher <gasp!>.

Pay the price to master your patch of reality, using the Bible as your map and the Mind of Christ as your model, and gain the victory.

“It’s not about Power.
It’s about Service.”

“It’s not about Making Others Obey You,
but Upholding the Law of God.
Yourself first of all, then family and church and business,
and in time the courts too!”

Taking the Counsel of the Holy Spirit is what you need to do. Bring Him into your thoughts, and listen to His wisdom, and you’ll do very well indeed.

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