Face Masks and VIP Status

Recently, at a hardware store that I called ahead of time, asking for recognition of a face mask exemption, the manager notified all employees that a customer would be coming in unmasked.

I did so, true to my word.

When an employee then got after me about the face mask, he was quickly reprimanded by that same manager and not once but twice sought me out and offered sincere and lengthy apologies for giving me a hard time.

As part of my political consulting work, I have advanced presidential candidates, senators, and congressmen. I go ahead of them and make sure all appropriate accommodations are in place and that they receive frictionless, white glove treatment in all of the usual spots where regular people encounter friction.

It has always amazed me how willing people are to make accommodation when simply asked. Just asking really goes a long way.

Face Masks: If You Announce Your VIP Status To The World, The World Will Accommodate Your VIP Status by Allan Stevo

Since face masks are mainly a status marker to differentiate the Right Sort from the Wrong Sort, why not take some simple steps to get yourself into the correct circle?

For full details, read the full article.

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