Challenging Critical Race Theory? Do this to be effective!

Do you know what is more effective than creating statements condemning Critical Race Theory? Actually dismantling racism so that CRT is obsolete.

Evangelical still can’t see that their lack of credibility on racial justice lends credence to the tings they condemn.

Justin GIboney, via Bojidar Marinov

A truth worth heeding.

As an example of the futile focus on Them People and Their Critical Race Theory, I present from Uncommon Descent, UD Live Event from Nov 3, US Election cont’d: BBC — yes the BEEB — on BLM’s Marxist founders, “[We] fought to change history and we won”

—<Quote begins>—

Okay, we are looking at the victory lap being taken (a bit prematurely, methinks) by the BLM trio of marxist founders. Here is BEEB:

Black Lives Matter founders: We fought to change history and we won

Published14 hours ago

The year 2020 will be remembered for a lot of things – not least the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world.

The organisation has led huge street rallies and high-profile campaigns against racism and police brutality.

Now the three women who founded the movement have told the BBC they believe it has transformed politics.

“Black people alongside our allies stood up to change the course of history and we won,” said Alicia Garza.

Garza and her BLM co-founders, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, spoke as part of the BBC 100 Women Masterclass 2020, a digital live event of masterclasses, big interviews and guests on 30 November.

If you doubted that this is a Marxism-driven, colour-culture revolution push using Critical Race Theory as key ideological wedge, there you have it from the horses’ mouths.

In short, 4th Gen War:

—<Quote ends>—

Short form:

4th Gen War? How hysterical can you get?

Long form:

I have my doubts about the supposed great threat the BLM people present.

For one thing, they look more like a symptom, not the cause, of our problems. All that Marxism got into universities via Christian slackness and unconcern regarding the weak and the oppressed.

Especially the weak and the oppressed from the Wrong Sort of People.

Christians need to repent and obey Christ. We need to change ourselves, to focus on serving others (esp. the weak, the poor, the oppressed), we are to push on to for equal justice and restitution for generational wrongs.

And naturally, the Marxist rhetoric loses force and power, while the voice of those who finally obey Christ (as opposed to just talk about obeying Christ) grows louder and more respected.

For another thing? Well, look at the number of comments on the article, 121 321 replies! This is absolutely enormous for Uncommon Descent, which is focused on Intelligent Design.

But this article isn’t about Intelligent Design. This article is about Those Dangerous Black People.


This isn’t about Dangerous Black People, starting out on with a picture of black men mugging white people.

This is about Dangerous Black Women, smiling because their people won Trump lost.

All I can think of is the following:

  • Wow! The egos of White Christian Conservatives must be very fragile, to get so pissed off because of an electoral defeat that is enjoyed by Uppity Black Women!
  • Why aren’t White Christian Conservatives — well, really, Western Christians of any race or political leaning — focusing on raising their own kids at home, and building up their own families and churches and neighbourhoods? Why focus so much on national politics, where Christian pull is at it’s weakest? Fight were you can win, not where you can’t!

    (And while you’re at it, earn the right to win, instead of just whining and moping about the Good Old Days.)

And so I yell

  • “Politics Fourth! Not First! FOURTH!”
  • “Focus on your family and your church and your business and your neighbourhood BEFORE going into LOCAL politics!”
  • “Strike the Darwinian foundations of secularism! Why attack the twigs and branches of Marxism, when you can hit the root of the power-structure instead?”

And I am, rather obviously, being ignored.

Ah well. Truth remains Truth, and delusions remain delusions, so I’ll just continue to point out the obvious.

God commands that the truth to be proclaimed. He does not promise that anyone will pay the slightest attention when we speak: just that we do as we are commanded.

He’ll handle the rest.

No Repentance? No Respect, No Authority, No Power

When Conservative Christians decide to repent, and make that repentance material in the physical world (as well as in the spiritual world), then their words and even their criticisms will have punch.

No repentance? Then their criticisms have no power and no force.

And their words have no force, because God is not in it.

The Road to Life, Despised

My personal suspicion: there’s going to be a HUGE resurgence of Christian thought, Christian authority, and Christian culture, right across the West…

…AFTER the White (“European-Caucasian”) percentage of the American population goes below 20% in the US (say, by 2100) and in Europe (peg that at 2200).

No, it didn’t have to be that way.

There could have been White-European repentance before God after the devastation of World War I. Or the additional destruction of World War II. Or the end of Communism as a genuine force in the world.

(BLM is, in certain ways, as much an artifact of the past as American Conservatives are.)

Or there could even be repentance from this very moment, with the ongoing economic and social devastation caused by the COVID groupthink, pushed by the Media and the Experts.

With genuine repentance, there would be genuine restoration, with peace, prosperity and children.

But the answer was, and is, no.

So the White Europeans, left and right, will continue on their various roads to delusion and extinction.

Someone else will inherit the future.

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